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Duration: 1 day

Begining:  Castro Laboreiro

Begining Time: 17.00 hours

End: +/- 1 o´clock pm

Difficulty: Easy

Min. 6 Máx. 15 persons

All ages

Bush dinner

Subjects: The wolf and wild horses, History and local traditions,  Astronomy

What to bring: Lite mountain boots, warm clothes, small flashlight

Dates: (Summer nights with full moon)



Duration: 1 day

Begining: Lamas de Mouro

Begining Time: 9:30 Hours

End: 18.00 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Min. 4  Max 15 persons

All ages

Lunch included

Subject: The wolf and his history

What to bring: Lite mountain boots, day backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.

Dates: All year


Duration: 1 day

Begining: Castro Laboreiro  Begining Time: 10.00 Hours

End: 16.30 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Min. 4 Max. 15 persons

All ages

Lunch included

Subjets: Botany and traditions

What to bring: Lite mountain boots, day backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.

Dates: All year


Duration: 2 days

Begining: Castro Laboreiro

Begining Time: 10:00 Hours

End: 17.00 Hours

Difficulty: Medium

Min. 4  Máx 15 persons

What to bring: Lite mountain boots, day backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.

Dates: All year













Duration: 8 day, 7 nights, 6 days - 5 days, 4 nights, 3 days outdoor activities

Dates: All year

Difficulty: Change with the group

Min. 4 Max. 15 persons

7 overnights with breakfast, 6 mountain lunches, guide

What to bring: Lite mountain boots, day backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.










Duration: 5 days, 4 nights, 3 days hiking

Dates: All year

Difficulty: Medium/High

Min. 4 Max. 15 persons

4 overnights with breakfast, 3 mountain lunches, guide, luggage transfer between sleeping points.

What to bring: Mountain boots, day backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.

Average of 20 km a day walking































Duration: 2 days

Dates: All year

Difficulty: Medium/High

Min. 2 Max. 8 persons

1 overnights with breakfast, 2 mountain lunches, 1 dinner, guide.

What to bring: Mountain boots, 2 days backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.

Average of 17 km a day walking






Duration: 8 days, 7 nights, 6 days in trekking

Dates: 7 to 14 of June ; 20 to 27 of September

Difficulty: High

Min. 4 Max. 12 persons

7 overnights with breakfast, 6 mountain lunches, 7 dinners, guide, luggage transfer between sleeping points.

What to bring: Mountain boots, day backpack, water container, hat, sun cream.

Average of 20 km a day walking


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    Summer Nights in Moonlight   

Let yourself be surprised by moonlight in the lands of Castro Laboreiro and walk in the trails once used by smugglers and by men

who crossed the border during the night. For company, you will have the stars that you will learn to interpret, and the moon will light

your path. You will enjoy listen stories of smugglers and wolves.

And who knows, maybe we listen the elusive howl of some curious wolf.



    In Wolf footprints   

In the mountain ranges of northern Portugal lives the last great predator of the wild Portuguese fauna - the Wolf. Symbol of a wild and

pure territory, the Wolf is one of the most endangered species in the Iberian Peninsula. Give him to know is the basis of their

conservation, " to like him is necessary to know him". Ecotura prepared this tour in the the trails of one pack . We will observe their

footprints and other evidence of their passage. We shall visit a “Fojo” ( traps used for the hunting of wolves for centuries ) and listen

to the explanations of their construction and how they were used . We will have the opportunity to learn a little more about the history

of this mythical animal that is the Iberian Wolf.









    The Magic Forest   

Inside a valley of Peneda-Gerês mountain there is a century-old forest. Oaks and chestnut trees marked by the passage of time,

small granitic villages surrounded by a patchwork of green fields , light and shadow effects reminiscent mysterious tales of

enchanted forests .

In our company you will enjoy this wonderful atmosphere and get to know a little more about the typical Portuguese old forest, the

birds of this habitat and the history and customs. During the day you will have the opportunity to learn to identify the various plants

and know their properties, attributes, and the various uses that people give to them .

By paths bordered with stone walls full of moss, where only is possible to hear the murmur of the wind, the birds singing or the

croaking of frogs, you will be transported to an unknown nature that will surprise by its richness and diversity




    From Portugal to Spain and Back   

      See the Video         

From Portugal to Spain, in a pleasant hiking, is the new proposal. This tour in wolf territory, takes us down mountain trails once

walked by smugglers and generations of people accustomed to the challenges of mountain life . With a duration of two days, this

hiking leads us to Galician lands by the old oak Forest. The first day out you will always be inside the forest , crossing and following

clear, sparkling waters.

The 2nd day brings us back to Portuguese lands by the valley of a winding river , where the water over the centuries has been

excavating memories and recording moments of life on our planet . A day when all our senses will transmit freedom and peace.

This 2 days hiking is physically accessible to anyone that like to walk and be minimally used to move the foot off the street circuit.

The Saturday overnight to Sunday will be done in a cottage of great comfort and quality.

For those who prefer to arrive the night before to be used an extra overnight stay in the " Ecotura Country House" .



    Hiking Holidays in Wolves territory   

An ecological holiday program to hike in full nature and get some peace and tranquility.

Vacation to rest and to discover and learn more about the Wolf, birds , flora and all the nature around us. A chance to relax out of the

routine, in a privileged and genuine natural environment.

5 or 8 days of holiday for children and adults, where the days are passed between pleasant walks by ancient mountain trails,

interpreted walks in the territory of the Wolf , tours for bird watching, night out for observing animals, river bathing or thermal hot

water, walk in full moon nights, starry skies where we will look and learn about the stars.

Overnight stays are made ​​in the " Ecotura Country House" , where you will enjoy all the tranquility and comfort you need during your

holiday .

5-day holiday start on Sunday and end on Thursday

The 8-day holiday starts on Sunday and ends the following Sunday




    Peneda-Gerês Tour - 5 days   

Discover the best spots in the Peneda -Geres National Park

3 different trails that will go over some of the most inspiring landscapes of the Peneda-Gerês National Park . The " Peneda- Gerês Tour -5 days " allows to the hiker to visit the plateau of "Mourela" in the West part of the Park , the central Geres mountain and Peneda mountain in Este part of the Park.

Day 1- Arrival in Castro Laboreiro, presentation about the Park , general briefing , presentation dinner

Day 2- Every corner a new beauty . The mountain plateau , soft landscape, surrounded by lofty hills of Geres, have a lot of species of birds. Lush valleys , which run winding rivers of clear water , sometimes with quiet waters sometimes crashing in to tumultuous waterfalls. Quiet mountain villages , small stone houses villages rich in ancient rituals and rural traditions .

Day 3- The purest nature. The granite morphology of Geres in all its splendor . Narrow paths that now flank slopes and sometimes crossing rivers . Dams and ponds that invite a liberating diving . Airy and green meadows with pens and small shelters of shepherds. Amazing granite massifs , rocky peaks , geosites which share the history of these towering hills .

4th- Way of Faith - a crossing of paths of pastors and pilgrim culminating in "Senhora da Peneda" (religious Sanctuary) between the valleys and hills of Peneda mountain . Winding paths crossing peaks topped with bizarre rock formations sculpted by time and end in elves woods. Oak stains which provide a home to Wolves, Wild boars and small deer . Mountain meadows where herds of wild horses grase .

Day 5- Breakfast and farewell

Some points of interest : "Pitões das Junias" (Monastery inside the mountain) , and "Senhora da Peneda", Fojo of "Portela da Fairra" , Bear "Silhas" , Fojo the Fafião (ancient wolf traps), corrals Pastors, geosite of "Meda da Rocalva" , indigenous woods and stains preserved which provide a home to many wild species , Fragas , rocky massifs and Penedos , habitat of Geres wild goat and herds of wild ponies.



    Trekking Tours    

    Big Trail of Central Massif  

This tour takes us to an area of the park where there is a mix of high altitude landscape with a landscape full of history and tradition in lowland areas that the trail passes through . The big route of the central massif develops in two mountain sides, one facing the "Lima" river and the other facing "Homem" river  and the "Vilarinho das Furnas" reservoir . 35 kilometers on mountain paths flanked by idyllic countryside where the typical villages of mountain, surrounded by granite landscape contrast with villages embedded in the valleys and lined with a lace glad to farmland .

 Some points of interest : menhir Sculpture Hermitage of the mid- century . II;  Wolf "Fojo", medieval building ; submerged village of Vilarinho das Furnas ; oak groves and forests very well preserved


    Big Trail of Peneda-Gerês   

150 km of adventure to discover Peneda-Gerês National Park

A mountain trekking tour that will cross Peneda-Gerês National Park, Biosphere Reserve and one of the last wild nature bastions of Europe.

8 days, with a great diversity, crossing mountains, plateaus, lush meadows and thick forests of primitive forest. Cross mountain trails and climbing the peaks and rock formations with breathtaking scenery. Follow glacial valleys where rivers run clear water being poured in lush waterfalls. Diving in the heart of the National Park, cross streams that cut through dense woods, a play of light and shadow, where the sunbeams illuminate branches of holly, oak and birch.

A trekking holiday to meet some of the most inspiring landscapes of these mountains, discover forgotten paths and hidden scenarios for most hikers. Crossing with animals quietly grazing in mountain meadows, discover wild flowers, wild animals, small birds and eagles.